Andy Partridge Pics | Chicago, IL | 02/25/99

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The notice that greeted us upon entering Borders.  Eventually, one of Dean's prizes.

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Andy enters the signing area.

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Andy looking at the tabletop, telling us he's overwhelmed.

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Andy starts to open up.

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Andy getting into it.

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Listening intently to a question.

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Andy explaining how to "cut" a record deal.

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Start of the keyboard lesson.

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Andy on how to get the perfect keyboard chord every time via cardboard cut-outs.

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Lemur Andy with the flash in the shades.

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The signing session setup.

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A look back at the crowd with the home stretch in sight.

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Andy greeting unknown fans.

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Full frontal Andy. God looks in from the right.

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Dean Zemel starts his quality time, explaining his tee-shirt to Andy. Adam Osterman looks on from background right.

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Dean talks up Ben Gott's CD; Adam ensures dorsal photographic coverage from the background.

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Andy signs Dean's 34th copy of "Apple Venus Volume 1."

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Dean's Money Shot.

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Dave Franson talks to Andy about the Partridge/Newell pic on the back of a "Little Express."

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Andy signs the pic.

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Dave whips out his "Hello CD" single. Andy says "Some Lovely" will be on AV II.

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Andy signs "The Bull With the Golden Guts" insert.

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Dave explains the printout of "The Nonsuch Colouring Book" page.

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Andy signs Dave's AV I insert.

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Andy signs "The Three Wise Men" single. Neither Andy nor Dave can remember which King of the Orient Andy represented, so Andy signs as Andy.

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Dave maniacally thanks Andy for all good things.

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Dave's Money Shot.

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Giordano's Pic I clockwise from 7:00... Dean, Fran, Jerry Kaelin , Jennifer Geese, Kate Burda, David, Adam, Steve Wade.

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Giordano's Pic II clockwise from 7:00... Jennifer, Kate, David, Adam (obscured), Steve, Dean (obscured), Fran, Jerry.

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Giordano's Pic III clockwise from 7:00... David, Adam, Jerry, Jennifer, Kate, Steve, Dave, Dean.

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Giordano's Pic IV clockwise from 7:00... David, Adam, Jerry, Jennifer, Kate, Steve, Dave, Dean.

All Material Copyright David A. Franson, 1999